The Dark Knight Rises (Review)

Full disclosure, there is no way I could possibly be objective about this film. I was far too obsessive about the Dark Knight sequel. Literally, checking the internet every couple of hours for FOUR YEARS as information trickled from the tap that is a Chris Nolan Production. He’s a secretive guy. And, in hindsight, he was right. You really don’t want to know everything before going into this film.

I assumed that because I knew the Dark Knight scene for scene before ever stepping into the theatre, and it only enhanced my experience, the same would be true for this film. Nope. I just knew too much as it turns out. The plot twist–or twists to be more accurate, (which have been on the internet for what seems like years) really didn’t play well on screen and it cheapen the experience of that shocking Memento moment for me. Of course, Talia being John G. in this scenario.  I felt, if not angry, then deflated.

I do find it funny that so many people are so venomous towards the film. Yeah, its got a lot of plot holes. A LOT. And, yes, the multiple endings are groan worthy. But, don’t kid yourself, this is the second best Comic Book Movie of all time. Even if it falls short of Nolan towering ambitions.

Bane is a far superior foe than the Joker, in terms of pure stakes. Obviously, Heath Ledger’s performance is the stuff of Legend, but Tom Hardy is no slouch. And, simply because Bane has a plan, is what makes him so much more dangerous than the Joker.

Don’t get me wrong, they couldn’t have played the Joker better, but in order for the third film to work, the stakes had to be raised somehow. And they were. Bane was on a mission. In hindsight, the twist cheapens those motives, but what Bane did best was present a dark reflection for Batman. Joker only wanted to play with Batman to prove how crazy Batman must really be. Bane wanted to defeat Batman. There’s something to be said for having goals in life.

Speaking of goals, I honestly think this movies biggest problem is that it tries to hard to please everyone. The Dark Knight was so good because it spat in the face of convention. It proved that comics are valid source material. But, the Dark Knight Rises, to me just came off as fan fic in the end. It seems so uncharacteristic of Nolan to cater to his audience, but that’s exactly what he did.

Lesson: Trying to please everyone, makes no one happy.


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