My views on DC’s ‘New 52’

Late last year, DC (A 72 year old company, mind you) decided to cancel all of their Comic Book Titles and start from scratch. This was done in an effort to attract both new readers AND old one’s that may have fallen off the wagon. A risky move. One that also seems to be panning out quite well…

When I had first heard of DC’s plans, I had mixed feelings (mostly bad ones). Batman, my all time favorite book, was nearing its 1,000th issue (713 to be exact) and DC hadn’t done a big overhaul like this since the Crisis days. I cried “gimmick” from the roof tops and swore off the change, dismissing any value to the idea, other than DC’s lust for viewership.

Keep in mind, I started reading comics in the 90’s. This was the absolute PEAK of gimmick in DCU. Ranging from Batman’s Kinghtfall to the Death of Superman, it seemed the Company had no shame. This is why I had little hope for the re-launch.

I was wrong. Very, very wrong. DC seems to have taken a hint and used the opportunity to strengthen the continuity of their titles and also enveloped a more cohesive universe in which all the titles intermingle much more seamlessly. For example: Swamp Thing and Animal Man are now part of the same storyline and are even facing the same villain.

This is not a total reboot, though. Some titles, such as Batman, have pretty much been left unchanged. While others, such as Action Comics have been completely reset.

To round up: I’m a fan. Go to your local shop and get started!

Recommended TitlesAnimal Man, Swamp Thing, Action Comics, Batman, Batman and Robin, Flash


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