A Few Theories Regarding The Dark Knight Rises

Previously, there had been a breakneck pace at which news was hitting the Internet in regard to The Dark Knight Rises. Though, it seems that in recent months, the frenzy has fizzled a bit. I’d like to take this slow period as an opportunity to gather my thoughts and present them to you.
      Connect the dots, if you will.
      Recently, I feel, two very important plot points have presented themselves in such a way that we can begin to frame a theory on how this movie might unfold. 1) Mr. Nolan has stated that TDKR will take place eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, and 2) The movie is based on A Tale of Two Cities. As soon as I heard this my head started spinning. All of my theories went out the window. So, I have decided to start from scratch.
      Ok, the eight-year gap comes first. The possibilities are endless, so lets start with what we do know: it is widely assumed, from the ending of The Dark Knight, that Batman will more than likely be out of commission at the start of this film. What the hell has Bruce Wayne been doing with all his down time? He’s not the type to rest on his accomplishments. And, according to the very little we know about the character, Miranda Tate,  “…a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still grieving Bruce Wayne continue his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham”, imdb, we know that he will have help.
      Regardless of whether the rumors are true and Miranda Tate is in fact, Talia Al Ghul (Daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul; the Batman Begins nemesis), I believe she will be Bruce’s main love interest—at least to start the film.  And, with this eight-year gap, who’s to say we won’t see a little Wayne running around in TDKR? I’d like to take that wild assumption a step further and say M-i-r-a-n-d-a does spell Talia.
      Damien Wayne, anyone? (If you are unfamiliar with the character, don’t worry, I’ll elaborate in a moment) I understand that this is a bit of a stretch, but not entirely implausible. With all of the recurring themes of legacy and Batman becoming a symbol, you can’t deny there is at least a possibility that Bruce could be passing the mantle to his son.
      Damien is a relatively new character in the 74-year history of Batman. In the comics, he is a cold-blooded assassin. Raised by his mother–none other than Talia Al Ghul–to have little emotion and kill on a whim. Damien is Rage personified. And, after meeting his father, he quickly commandeers the title of Robin.
      Comics Legend, Grant Morrison, created Damien as a way of stirring up the stagnant and somewhat outdated relationship between The Dark Knight and his young ward; effectively launching one of the most controversial and interesting characters in Comic Book history. Though, I doubt he will don the Red and Green in the film, I think it as a distinct and legit possibility we will see the next generation of the Wayne family. Speaking of Family… why has no one seemed to bring up the fact that in Dark Victory (a comic in which TDK is said to have been loosely based) that Selina Kyle is in fact the daughter of Carmine Faclone? I’ll save that for another post…
     Moving on to important fact number two: TDKR is based on A Tale of Two Cities.  This is probably the biggest hint to date as to what kind of movie we are in store for, come July 20. This book is most easily described as a historical fiction, involving the French Revolution. This is where I believe Bane fits into TDKR: as a catalyst for Gotham’s Revolution.  I’ll admit I am a bit rusty on my Charles Dickens. But, from what I remember, the novel involves a fictional gang of the oppressed French majority (the working poor) calling themselves the Jacques. I see Bane and LOS (the League of Shadows) as the Jacques equivalent. Bane will use the working class of Gotham to rise up. Turning the City against the privileged few, as evidenced by the second Trailer and many unofficial rumors.
     Another plot point is that of a wealthy Aristocrat—who’s name escapes me. A man of the people who does very charitable works, but due to the sentiment of the Revolution, is imprisoned along with the rest of the Upper Class. Bruce Wayne immediately comes to mind. Maybe, this could be an answer as to why he is seen doing push-ups behind bars, in the second trailer…
     All facts, and otherwise, point to all out War. The Art Designer is even quoted as saying such. None of this is new speculation. From the beginning, unofficial set photos smack of a, No Man’s Land, look and feel. (No Man’s Land being the huge crossover Comic Book event that takes place in Gotham). Once again, this is not just my opinion, but that of many.
     Now, I doubt that an Earthquake will hit Gotham. I also don’t believe that the “Doomsday Device” seen in unofficial set photos causes an Earthquake, like some. I do however believe that the Gang Warfare seen in the Crossover will be present.  And I also think the City may be Quarantined in an effort to protect surrounding Cities from impending War. Based on the trailer, there’s a pretty big rumble at some point that would put the Sharks and Jets to shame.
     It seems Batman truly has his work cut out for him. Between Doomsday devices, potential imprisonment, all out War, and maybe even a kid to boot, The Dark Knight Rises is shaping up to be one hell of an event. I could be totally off base here and won’t be shocked if I am. But, with the sparse News lately, it’s still fun to take a guess. I hope that this was good enough food for thought until the next bit of info drops. Either way, I’m counting the days until The Dark Knight Rises is released. As I know many of you are doing as well.  God only knows, it can’t come soon enough!

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  2. did you revise it much since i read it the first time?

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